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I’ve set a goal for myself of entering one plein air (outdoor painting) event this year, and I need to get outside and practice!  However, this gets difficult, since I have a two-year-old who needs constant and intense supervision during the day, a five- and an eight-year-old, and I usually have a long list of things that need to get done during naptime. I am by nature a night owl, and I have some time to paint after the kids go to bed, but no sunlight to paint by.

I really wish that all this was leading in to the explanation that this painting was a plein air nocturne, but it’s not.  Rather, I’ve been “cheating” and painting from photographs at night. I still feel like this is helpful, as I’m trying to paint quickly and just rehearse painting landscape scenery.

This painting was done from a photo that my dad took of the super moon last summer.  I went small (~9″ x 6″) in an attempt to go faster, but that might have backfired a little, as I think it was actually more painstaking to get the perspective in the buildings correct on a smaller scale. Ah, well.  That’s what I’m practicing to find out, right?

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