Summer haze

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I had this painting mostly completed months ago, but last week I worked back into it a little more. It’s soft pastel over watercolor, 14″ x 10″. My older boys are off to school and the pace of life has picked up markedly, but I’m trying to hold on to the last bits of summer wherever I find them.

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  1. Sharon Gerdes

    Really nice, Erin! Did you use the chalk on the watercolor while it was still wet, or when it was dry? I have great respect for people who can do watercolor. It is something I was never able to do.

    • Erin

      Thanks, Sharon! I let the watercolor dry completely first before I add the chalk pastel. I like the way this technique lets me work back into the painting with light values at the end, since that uneditable, light-to-dark progression is what I find most challenging about watercolor. Thanks for the reblog!

  2. Sharon Gerdes

    Reblogged this on Sacred Scars and commented:
    Today for Art Wednesday, here is a painting that a friend of mine did. I love how the landscape has both stylized and realistic rendering, how the river helps control eye movement across the page, and the vibrancy of the colors and how they work together. Erin has several shots of her work up on her website, so go over and check it out!

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