Painting at Heller Homestead

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copyright Neil Pryor 2015

This past weekend, I was thankful to have a big chunk of time to get out and paint (Happy Mother’s Day to me!  I love my husband.)  My dad was actually up for a quick visit at the time, so he took the first photo of me painting.

The first morning I went out was overcast and gray.  I chose a fairly close cropped composition, hoping to make up for the flat light of the day, but I wasn’t really happy with the feel of the painting.

copyright Erin Pryor Gill 2015

Happily, I was able to go back out the next evening, and the sun peeked out enough to rework the painting with some stronger light, which I think made for a more compelling image.

copyright 2015 Erin Pryor Gill

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  1. Tracy

    Love the lighting and details. Thank you for sharing your gift… it is beautiful 🙂

  2. Gella

    Beautiful Erin. I love the colors and the lighting too. You have such a great talent. So glad you got to use it this weekend Great Mother’s Day gift. Your artistic side is really blooming. Great job.

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