Brandywine Plein Air – Day Four

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copyright 2015 Erin Pryor Gill

Thursday morning was shrouded in mist. Arriving at Granogue, I loved the way the atmospheric perspective was exaggerated by the extra moisture in the air, and the way the early light was glinting here and there. The hills were actually not that far away, but they looked bluer, grayer and more distant.


After lunch I headed over to Winterthur, where they had kindly organized a van driver to shuttle us artists around the property so we could find a good spot to set up. There were so many beautiful views that it was hard to choose, but I ended up really captivated by the light filtering through some colorful trees. There’s something about the positive/negative reversals, the dappled light, and the organic complexity of a wooded scene that I really enjoy trying to capture.

That night I worked hard to finish framing everything in order to turn it in the next morning, ready to exhibit in the opening of the show at Winterthur Friday evening. I didn’t get a photo of my gallery spot that first night, but here’s a quick shot from Saturday morning.

copyright 2015 Erin Pryor Gill

I was really grateful to have a week away to paint – it was so nice to be able to get up and paint while I was still fresh, and to be able to keep painting through the following days without losing momentum! It was also encouraging and inspiring to be with other artists, and it was great to sell a couple of paintings. Much fun, and I’m super thankful to everyone who helped make the week possible for me!

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