Brandywine Plein Air – Day Three

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copyright 2015 Erin Pryor Gill

I got off to a somewhat late start on Wednesday, and decided to get out my oil paints. They take me longer than pastels, usually, but it was kind of fun to switch things up midweek.  I was drawn to the all the contrasts in this view – light and shadow, cool and warm hues, the positive and negative space of the fence posts and the full and bare trees.

I ended up painting in the middle of this field for quite a few hours. I realized that my sunscreen was in my pastel backpack (and I had my oils backpack), but I didn’t think that I needed to worry too much because the late October sun seemed so low in the sky, even at noon. Ahem. (I got sunburned.)

…But that was really the only downside to this day spent painting outside, soaking in the warmth and color of a luscious autumn day.


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