Artist’s Statement

“Painting outdoors allows me to immerse myself in the landscape.  I enjoy the brilliant color and sense of immediacy that comes from painting directly from life.  It’s a compelling challenge to capture the transient effects of light as the sun moves across the sky. The elements can add their own difficulties (numb hands in the cold, blowing canvas in the wind) as well as their own pleasures (warm sun on my back, soothing sounds of a creek rushing), but all of it contributes to the final painting. 


I like the way the opacity of oil paint or pastel allows me to refine and rework not only my subjects but the space around them. Translating a three-dimensional world (four- if you include time) to a two-dimensional painting always requires abstraction, but while I simplify the infinite complexity of nature, exaggerate color and embrace visible brushstrokes, I strive to keep a sense of accurate perspective and a real sense of light.


When I was a child, my father used to take me on long, happy drives through rural Maryland. Our destination depended on the season; sometimes we would ride our bikes alongside crumbling barns on back roads, sometimes we would hike or cross-country ski in the Appalachian mountains.  I think my love of landscape began on those trips – the ever changing scenery, the moods of the weather, and the calm, centered feeling of being out in the natural world.  I hope that those who experience my paintings will connect with some of those same emotions.”