Adirondack Oil Sketches

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copyright Erin Pryor Gill 2015

Our family vacationed for a week in the Adirondacks in June.  The weather was very cool and rainy — thankfully the boys didn’t mind hanging out on the beach in sweatshirts!  We enjoyed lots of good family time, and I was also able to do a couple of quick sketches in oil.

For the first painting, the sky was changing amazingly fast. I watched a small rain storm move from the distance to right overhead, and tried to freeze the action on the canvas. It’s a good thing that oil paint doesn’t run when it gets a few raindrops on it!

copyright Erin Pryor Gill 2015

The sun came out for the last couple days of our trip, and I was able to paint the sun, setting, one evening. Again, it was a race against time — this time trying to capture the light before the sun sank below the horizon!

copyright Erin Pryor Gill 2015

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